Open daily from
March - October

  • A Sheepdog Nirvana
  • An Island Farming Experience
  • By Sea and by Land

Inishbofin Farm is the largest sheep farm on Inishbofin island.  It is a traditional sheep farm where all the flock are outdoors all year around. Inishbofin farm has participated in the old Rural Environmental Protection Scheme (REPS) and is now in the new Green Low carbon Agri-environmental Scheme (GLAS) and as part of the special measures is working to protect the Corncrake, Lapwing and the Barnacle Goose along with other measures to help the wildlife and biodiversity on Inishbofin. Inishbofin Farm is a member of the Inishbofin Leave No Trace network.

Inishbofin Island is renowned for its magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding islands, the Connemara coastline, Twelve Bens Mountains and as far away as Croagh Patrick.

By taking one of our EcoTourism experiences on the farm you get to see the island from a totally different perspective while you relax and get a chance to absorb the beautiful scenery that is all around you around you while participating in an EcoToursim farming experience, see below for full details.

At Inishbofin Farm you can take part in any of our three nature based EcoTourism experiences to gain an understanding of the work on the farm, the experiences you can participate in are:

Sheepdog Nirvana

The customer can choose a time slot agreed with the farmer in advance to accompany the farmer to participate in rounding up the sheep. The visitor will meet the sheepdogs and the farmer will explain how dogs are trained and how to work the dogs. The farmer will then give a demonstration of the dogs at work, gathering, shedding, driving, cross driving and penning.

Looking for Lambs

The customer can choose a time slot i.e. dawn, breakfast time, mid morning, lunch time, mid afternoon, evening time, night time final check, to accompany the farmer while the sheep are checked for lambing. If lambing assistance is required for a difficult birth the customer will be provided with the opportunity to assist the farmer to deliver the lamb(s). The lambing season is on a daily basis from March to late April (some late pregnancies carry into May) so there is plenty of opportunity for the customer to gain knowledge in what is the busiest time on any sheep farm.

Shearing Sheep

The customer can choose a time slot agreed with the farmer in advance to accompany the farmer while the sheep are being sheared. Sheep are shorn by hand shears and also electric shears so the visitor gets to experience the old traditional way of shearing and discover the modern mechanised way of shearing. Offering both styles will give the visitor a true experience of how both styles work and differ from each other.

All the experiences are 100% nature based. The visitor accompanies the farmer while the sheep are checked for lambing, or participating in shearing the sheep or learning how the sheepdogs work.  This is the only active sheep farm on the island where the visitor can participate in the experiences. Why not come along and enjoy a great EcoTourism experience and discover the workings of a traditional sheep farm with the backdrop of the spectacular scenery of Inishbofin and its surroundings.